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How It All Began

Spreading The Love!

Back in 2016 one young man by the name of Eli decided to pick up his old hobby of tie-dying. After seeing these amazing t-shirts turn into a beautiful works of art, he was forever hooked.  Eli started selling shirts in his town of Kodiak, Alaska and Eli's Dyes steadily became more popular. Once Eli's Dyes popularity started to soar, we realized it was time to move on and upgrade the business in order to give the world the tie-dye they deserve.

Eli's Dyes has now been relocated from Kodiak, Alaska to Grants Pass, Oregon. We travel all over the world delivering and selling tie-dye to anyone in need of something to brighten up there day. Our motto is to spread happiness around the world one tie-dye shirt at a time. So watch and follow us on this incredible journey and watch people's dreams come true when they see the magic of Eli's Dyes!