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Hi, I'm Eli!

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...and I like to tie-dye! Because I hand-dye rather than manufacture tie-dye in mass, every piece is unique (just like you ;) That in itself, is worth celebrating, and being happy for! We hope everything and everyone here at Eli’s Dyes remind you of that.

The Most Chill Origin Story

Most brands have compelling stories that start out with a horrible problem that needs to be fixed and end in revolutionizing a whole industry. But that’s not really the case here…

we just liked three things:

  • Positive Vibes

  • Adventures

  • and Tie-Dye.


Adventure Time!

After having a great time talking to people and selling my first tie-dyes at a couple of fairs in Alaska, I thought, why not more? I mean what better way to spend some of the younger years than traveling, meeting people, and selling some tie-dye? So I grabbed a couple of friends, and we set out to adventure all over the US to deliver tie-dye and positive vibes at events, parks, and wherever you rad people are!

To Be Continued...

We have a lot of plans in store, places to go, and people to meet. Our mission is to spread happiness one tie-dye at a time. So, we'll always keep that in mind, whether it's through sustainability, doing good in the world, or meeting any of y'all ✌️

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